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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Getting Stronger, Burning Fat

Over the past few months Ive beeng kicking up my gym routine a lot. I try to go everyday, but I've been averaging 5 days a week. I am starting to see and feel results for sure. Here is a copy of my workout routine if you're looking for a schedule. I belong to the Boston Sports Club in Allston and I love it!

This is what I shoot for:

MONDAY: 1 hr of Spinning
TUESDAY: 30 mins of Cardio (Running/Eliptical)& 1 hr of Yinyasa Yoga
WEDNESDAY: 30 mins of Cardio (Running/Eliptical) & 1hr Total Body Conditioning Class (Includes: 30 mins of pilates/abs, 15 mins of arms, 15 mins of legs)
THURSDAY: 30 mins of Cardio (Running/Eliptical)
FRIDAY: 30 mins of Cardio (Running/Eliptical)
SATURDAY: 1 hr of Spinning
SUNDAY: 1 hr of Spinning

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