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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cabot Cheddar Minis

For all of you that know me well and not so well....I love Cheese! It is my favorite food in the world. I will eat it on anything. For the record, the past few months I have tried to only eat it with one meal. Some days I am successful other days not so much. Another disclaimer is that at home I always have reduced fat cheeses. This was until this little bit of heaven was found at Whole Fods. I was snooping the cheese section (of course) and I came across these Cabot Sharp Cheddar Minis. It is 3/4 oz and the NI is 80/7/0 with 5gms of Protein. It is the perfect addition to a piece of fruit or after you eat a sandwhich. They are 59 cents a piece. On the Cabot website you can buy a box of 100 individual packages for $44.99. That is a lot of money for cheese and wayyyy too much temptation for a cheese binge. In any case you should check them out because they are delcious!

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