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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vegan Day 5 : Tempeh Tacos!

Well its almost the weekend yay...Its supposed to hit 70 here in Boston...that would be amazing!

Today was a great day. Today was the first day I felt any signs of hunger between means since starting the veganism. There are 2 possible explanations for this:
1. I got up an hour earlier than usual so I feel like my eating times were thrown off a bit.
2. I gave a pint of blood...Im not sure but maybe this did something..I had OJ after no snacks (not vegan) but I had one of my vegan cookies when I got back to my desk to feel better.

So after lunch I was craving something sweet...I wanted chocolate....I had the points so I decided to walk to Whole Foods. It was a mile,there and back. I walked briskly in the gorgeous weather.

I bought a banana, 4 clementines and a slice of vegan chocolate cake.

I ended up eating 2 clementines and the cake for dessert. I'm saving the banana and other 2 clementines for tomorrow. The cake was 4 pts...not bad at all and it was delicious! I could not tell the difference honestly. Whole Foods really has some amazing food!

Now every week Melissa and I make turkey meat tacos. She felt bad cooking it but I insisted she make them but just to save me some seasoning (vegan I checked). I had bought  a 5 grain tempeh so I mixed the seasoning in and added some green onion and sauteed them for a few minutes. I put them inside 3 mini flourless tortillas that I got at whole foods. I topped them with my Vegan Creamy Mexican Dip and Lettuce. I got a very filling dinner for 6 pts. I still have 2 pts left over.

Staring at the meat, cheese, and sour cream did make me miss them but honestly my meal was A. healthier and B. probably more satisfying.

So far my plan still stands as eating vegan meals for breakfast and lunch mon-fri then eating meat and dailry at night and on the weekends as needed.

I still have all day tomorrow and saturday until dinner time to enjoy Vegan treats.

At dinner I plan to have Tuna Tar Tar because its amazing at the restaurant were going to. I will also indulge in their french fries and a fruity martini!

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