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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Going Vegan for a week!

After reading *Bitch Cakes* blog and how she follows WW and veganism, and talking with a friend who has been doing it over a year I decided to check it out. Since my diet consists of mostly fruits and veggies, low cal low fat, I am hoping that this will be an easy transistion. My main issues are the dairy. I am a cheese-a-holic. I do luckily like soy milk. I am a bit nervous to try soy yogurt, but I will try it.

At Whole Foods, I bought Nutritional Yeast and Ground Flaxseed which are two specific items to add for protein and fiber benefits.

I started this morning and ate oatmeal, at lunch I had a Middle Eastern platter and Soy Fro-yo and then for dinner I made soy nuggets and Mac and Cheese...but honestly it did not taste like mac and cheese AT ALL, but dont get my wrong, it wasnt bad, jsut not what I expected. I am going to try and make recipes from Fat Free Vegan in order to follow WW as well. So my goal is to do it until dinner time on March 20th, that night I have a birthday party and I love the Tuna Tar Tar so I am probably going to eat that then. So almost a week.

My goal going forward is to integrate veganism into my diet but still eat some dairy and meat. I don't believe that it is for me long term, but I am interested to see the benfits and difference in how I feel after this.

So after day one I feel full and satisfied which is a good sign!

Heres a pic of my lunch today!

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