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Monday, March 22, 2010

Vegan Day 5 and 6 Recap and moving forward!

I continuted to eat vegan into the weekend and finally gave in and had seafood, cheese and non vegan cake. I knew that I could not maintain this lifestyle with the weekend of friends and Birthday celebrations. I think its great that some people choose veganisim for animal rights and commit to it completely, but I am a foodie. I am NOT a picky eater (sometimes this is bad news when it comes to weight loss haha) and I eat very healthy. I also enjoy foods from every food group and dont think it is for me long term.

Top 5 Things that I have learned from Eating Vegan

1. You do not need meat and dairy to survive. As long as you are eating protein from Tofu,Quinoa etc you are getting what you need along with taking a multi vitamin.
2. When you limit your diet in a new way, it can eliminate "mindless eating". I learned to say NO to foods I really didnt need and couldnt eat because they were not vegan during my trial.
3. Vegan DOES NOT mean its healthier. I discovered the chocolate cake I had from whole foods had just as many calories/fat as regular cake. French Fries are vegan....get my point? You really need to still becareful about the ingredients you are using etc.
4. Vegan eating definitely makes you feel more full, for a longer period of time.
5. Vegaan allowed me to cut out all procssed snack food like granola, luna, fiber one etc and replaced them with something fresh like fruit and grains.

Going I mentioned...I am going to eat vegan breakfasts and lunches during the week, while I am at work. At night, I will eat mostly vegan but have some meat and cheese. On the weekends I will eat what I want as far as variety but keep within my WW plan.

Over the weekend I made Vegan Cowboy Cookies check out the makes a million cookies...make for a party or bring to work!! (NOT ww friendly unless you make over 70 cookies and use a teaspoon of dough per cookie still 2pts)

I also made what I am coining as "Stop Light Pizza" ww friendly 4 pts per slice, 8 servings per pizza ( I made a rectangle)

1 bag of Trader Joes Whole Wheat Pizza dough (120 Cal 2 Fat, 4 Fiber)
1 cup of Reduced Fat Shredded Cheese
1 cup of frozen red,green, yellow pepper strips
1/2 cup of Sauce

Arange and bake at 425 for 10-12 good and healthy

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