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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I <3 City Sports

So my new obsession is buying workout clothes. I go to city sports at lunch and always come out with something. I figure investing in exercise clothes is fine as long as you use them. I have been working out pretty much daily since july. I wish I was seeing greater results but it will come with time. I signed up for another run club. This one cost $20 for 6 sessions on satuday mornings through Social Boston Sports. I'm hoping to meet some new people while training for my 10K. I really like the run club through City Sports as well. I've been running 3.68 miles with them. In 2 weeks im going to join the 5 mile group!

So here are my new buys for running outdoors this fall.....The shirt isnt the exact one..but simliar..can't wait to wear them in the next few weeks as the fall air sets in!

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