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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

GNC WELLbeING® be-BUFF™ Protein & Fiber Complex Mix - Chocolate Chunk

So I was in GNC today and I cam across this protein powder. It is only 1 WW pt per scoop and you mix with water. I thought it would be gross but it tastes just like chocolate milk. I got it for just under $20 on sale.

Here are the supposed benefits of be-BUFF.......
Wish your workout could last all day? The results can...

be-BUFF is no ordinary protein complex - it can help you achieve better fitness results and more! This delicious protein mix was specifically designed for women to fuel lean body mass, enhance your metabolism, curb your appetite and provide beauty from within!

Protein: sufficient protein intake is essential to any women seeking a slim, toned physique. Consuming protein increases your feeling of fullness, so you won't be as hungry. Along with exercise, protein is a quality furl for lean body mass.When you build lean muscle, your metabolism increases, and you will burn more calories.

Fiber: be-BUFF features a superior form of fiber, called Sunfiber®. It's clinically proven to improve regularity, improve growth of beneficial bacteria and normalize bacterial flora.Fiber, like protein, helps you to feel fuller, longer. Adult women should consume 25 to 35 grams of fiber each day to maintain good health and normal bowel function.

Enzymes: support a healthy digestive system and help your body to better use the nutrients you take in each day. Enzymes also help to reduce bloating and gas.

Beauty Blend: features a unique proprietary blend of ingredients that support beautiful, health hair and nails and hydrate skin.

Calcium: in addition to protein and fiber, be-BUFF provides 500 mg of bone building calcium in each serving - that's about half of what you need each day. After all, if you're going to have strong muscles, you'll want strong bones to support them.
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