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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I <3 Lululemon Athletica

So most would say all athletic wear is created equal. I beg to differ. The quality of Lululemon is what you pay for. I am super psyched that I found an awesome pair of capris to run in for my Half Marathon in March. Im thinking of a tank, tee, long sleeve combo for up top...ill figure that out later. They say that for long races you need to have "disposable clothing" that you can take off and leave (obviously unless your loaded with money, it needs to be older grungy stuff that you dont care about getting back((Disney launders and donates the clothes to charity!)). Anyway these capris got good revies and I think theyre a great length for march running...not too short (avoid chaffing and irritation) and not long incase it gets up into the 70s at the end of the race. I am so glad that these for almost $30 off which is a lot for LuluLemon prices! I hope they work out well for the race!

These are the sayings on the reusuable shopping bags
I love the inspirational quotes!

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